For bloggers

Q.Is this paid work?

Yes. The rates paid for the work you complete for Mention Me are dependant upon both your influencer rating and the power of your blog.

We use a range of different metrics to determine the strength of your blog and influencer rating, including: DA,TF, and DR.

Q.Can I turn down a brief?

Of course! You are never obliged to take on a brief and if you feel that it is not within your ranger, or experience, then please feel under no pressure to accept it.

If you are going to turn down a brief then just please give us as much notice as possible, so that we can plan around it.

Q.How long must I keep the post up?

The placement is permanent. On this basis, your post must stay up for as long as your blog is live.

Q.How do you pay?

All of the payments made for the briefs that you complete for Mention Me are made via PayPal.

If you do not have a PayPal account then please notify us from the outset, so that we can discuss alternative payment arrangements with you.

For brands

Q.What is the turnaround time?

We aim to get most of the links secured and the published within a 4 week timescale.

If, however, we find that it is going to take longer than expected for the links to be secured and published, we will let you know prior to the end of the 4 week period – in this scenario we can usually find a faster replacement.

Q.Are the posts permanent?

We treat all of the posts all of the posts as permanent we requested that they are treated the same by each of the websites on which they are published.

We track every placement made with automated software. If a link drops within 6 months of being published, and we can’t get it back, then we will replace it for you with a new link.

For agencies

Q.Is your work confidential?

Every piece of work that we complete is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

To ensure you and we have complete confidence in this confidentiality, we have a reciprocal non-disclosure agreement that we both agree to when signing up.

Q.Is this a safe, white label tactic?

The model of working together with bloggers and influencers is a safe way of building both links and mentions of your brand.

Q.Is there a minimum term?

There is no minimum term attached to the contract that you sign up to. This means that you are able to end the contract at any time that you may choose to do so.